Proper 90’s

Remember the 90’s? Because I don’t!

So I was 13 when the 90’s started and 24 when they ended and so it’s fair to say the 90’s had the best years of my life.

It annoys me when people harp on about how great the 80’s were because everything was better and the music was amazing.

It annoys me because, well, it’s bullshit!

Things WEREN’T better, Thatcher had us gripped by the short and curlies, you couldn’t really go anywhere because it was properly violent in the city centres and towns and if they weren’t violent they were “fun pubs” – eugh!

TV highlights included a glittering game show based on darts, a former Goon singing hymns at you and a 3 hours of nonsense every Saturday staring a bloke who seemed to have arthritis in his right hand.

No, the 80’s were shite.

Now the 90’s! THEY were the dog’s doodahs!

We had bright, optimistic politicians who wouldn’t start REALLY lying to us until well into the new century. We had bright young things on new TV channels, people you really could go down the pub with and the music was properly brilliant….

….I think! You see for most of the 90’s I was either moping about in my bedroom listening to local radio or drunk. Very very drunk.

So I have decided that 30 years is enough water under the bridge and it’s time to look back and reevaluate the 90’s bit by bit.

I will, and this blog will be my record, attempt to listen to every single album that charted in the 1990’s. In doing so, I hope to find a bit of joy from revisiting old favourites and finding new loves that were under my nose this entire time.

You’re more than welcome to join me…so long as you’re wearing a shell suit with a Global Hypercolour t-shirt underneath, and a Tamogochi in your pocket.

This is Proper 90’s

Published by fatmancunian

I used to work on the radio. Now I talk to myself for free!

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