11. Fish – “Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors”

EMI – charted at #5 on 4th February 1990

It’s just after 6pm on VE 75 Day which means most of the UK are just one pint away from their social distancing driveway high teas becoming a massive national wedding reception. For some reason the local dogs have had a unified mad half hour….

…and I’m listening to Fish!

Derek Dick from Midlothian got the name “Fish” from an old landlord who thought he spent too much time in the bath. He found fame as the voice of Marillion.

When I first read the name of this album, my first reaction was, I think understandably “oh piss off Derek” and an overwhelming feeling that Punk happened 13 years previously purely to rid the world of over serious rock stars singing 8 minute long songs about goblins…..obviously, it’s not that bad!

“If there’s somebody out there, can they throw me a line” is not a lyric I’d associate with a fish! Surely they try to avoid that kind of thing.

It appears that some of the songs on “Vigil…” were refused by Marillion for being too political for them. “Big Wedge” and “The Company” being the most obviously anti-Thatcherite and greedy system (which is obviously to be commended.)

Honestly, I enjoyed this far more than any Marillion I’ve heard before.

51 – Fish, not foul

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