15. The Mission – “Carved In Sand”

Mercury : Charted at #7 on 11th February 1990

The Mission are “goths’!

But because by the time 1990 came around and I’d listened to The Sisters Of Mercy a few too many times, The Mission were ‘goth-pop’ & Wayne Hussey was the prick who had left the Sisters and fell about drunk on the James Whale Show (which I only watched because it was filmed in the reception of Radio Aire).

Back to the Sisters and to 13 year old me Andrew Eldritch was a god. The fact that Eldritch hated Wayne (most of the vitriol on “Floodland” is aimed at him after all) just made me disengage from what I saw as the cartoon goth of the Mission.

In 2020 though I’ve mellowed. I’ve also read Hussey’s memoirs “Salad Daze” and learned that he’s not from Leeds at all but round the corner from where I live at the minute in Bristol…which means everything is forgiven.

“Carved In Sand” is the 3rd of 11 albums by the band and is still their biggest seller.

The track list was compiled by the “Eskimos”, the name given to the Mission’s most ardent fans – no “squads” in the 90’s, which some reviews give as a reason for their opinion that it doesn’t quite ‘make sense’.

That’s not my feeling at all, except for opener “Amelia” which delves into the abuse of a child by a family member.

53 – Barnstorming when it’s not baffling.

FAVOURITE TRACK : “Deliverance”

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