January 1996

This week we’re going back to January 1996. I was returning from a Christmas working at the local pub to earn a bit for my second term at university. Spent it all in the Haworth by the third day.
What were you up to?


1 Every Little Thing BOBBY BROWN
But Simon, that’s from 1989! Well, yes and no. There was an album of remixes and this was the lead single, so there!

2 Getting Better SHED SEVEN
I always imagine Shed Seven playing at Fibbers in York. I realise that they moved on a pace from a residency at York’s premier venue but that’s where I place them.

3 Anything 3T
Michael Jackson’s nephews, which isn’t the selling point it was 25 years ago.

4 Beautiful Life ACE OF BASE
Sweden’s 4th biggest musical export. I honestly don’t remember this song but at the time I was enjoying “Pound A Pint” in the Haworth Arms and after “All That She Wants” I lost interest.

5 Dune Buggy PRESIDENTS OF THE USA from Presidents Of The United States
We call it ‘indie’, the Americans call it ‘alternative rock power’! I like the PUSA, but I like them even more as soon as I heard that they did a gig at Mount Rushmore for MTV. Makes more sense than Trump turning up there.

6 Men In Black FRANK BLACK
Not from the film, I don’t think…it would have been a much cooler film!

7 Sandstorm CAST
As the years have gone on I’ve enjoyed more of Cast. At the time I thought they were really boring, but looking back they were actually bloody good. I can’t listen to too much though.

His death a few years ago was a real shock. Real name Robert Concina which on the show you will hear me make an absolute mess of.

Again, I found them quite boring at the time, but I love Skin! She’s wonderful. If you get a chance, listen to her on Blood On The Tracks

10 On A Rope ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT from Scream, Dracula, Scream
I didn’t realise until I was preparing for the show that the band went by nicknames. Grown adults!!

11 Street Spirit (Fade Out) RADIOHEAD
Every now and again a track like this comes up and I realise that despite what I might say to dull Radiohead fans I know, they are geniuses!

12 Spaceman BABYLON ZOO
Were you one of the millions who got excited about this song due to the 20 seconds that were on the advert? Me too. The rest of it? Well….

13 I Want To Be A Hippy TECHNOHEAD
Not for me at the time but when I dug it up I was dancing round the kitchen. Well pogoing…

14 Single Girl LUSH
Absolute classic!

15 World Of Good SAW DOCTORS
One of my favourite live bands. Christmas gigs in Manchester were something else!



1 Got Myself Together BUCKETHEADS
2 One By One CHER
3 Spirits In The Material World PATO BANTON featuring STING
Honestly never realised Pato Banton was a Brummie called Patrick! Paddy and Gordon!

4 Slight Return THE BLUETONES
One of my absolute favourites from the 90’s. I think The Bluetones are one of the most underrated bands of the last 40 years.

5 Your Loving Arms BILLIE RAY MARTIN from Deadline For My Memories
I loved Electribe 101 just for her voice and this album just confirmed what an exceptional singer she is.


They did have an obsession with pushing things, or did I dream it.

7 Mr Friday Night LISA MORRISH
The theme tune for wacky BBC local radio DJ’s given a weekend show because they were “fun”

I used to live in Goring on Thames, literally round the corner from George’s home. I would hear loads of village bores in the Miller of Mansfield telling us about how they would gatecrash parties at his house by rowing up to his Thames-side garden. All bollocks, I’d imagine.

9 Whole Lotta Love GOLDBUG
Goldbug doing CCS doing Led Zeppelin

10 Over My Shoulder PAUL CARRICK from Blue Views
A class act. If you ever get the chance to see him live, do it!

11 Time MARION
Sleep was a cracking song and this is incredibly underrated.

12 Release The Pressure LEFTFIELD
Brilliant. Leftism is one of those albums I keep going back to.

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