May 1998

1. Child Psychology – BLACK BOX RECORDER
I’ve yet to read a book about Britpop which is close to “Bad Vibes” by Luke Haines. In fairness, I haven’t read many….but…

2. This Feeling – PURESSENCE
We’ve played this on Proper 90’s a couple of times now and it gets further into my head every time. Fastly becoming a huge favourite. Rock and roll from Failsworth Pole.

3. Sonnet – THE VERVE
The last song released from Urban Hymns which, for some reason, one of my university friends got free through the post. Not sure it was addressed to her…

Originally The Bottlegarden, I forgot how many great singles came from The Bluetones.

5. Culture Move – ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION (Rafi’s Revenge)
Asian Dub Foundation were formed out of an educational workshop in London. They were huge in France after their first album and after touring with Primal Scream and the Beastie Boys their second album Rafi’s Revenge got to number 20. 

6. Say You Love Me – SIMPLY RED
Did well in Hungary.

7. Push It – GARBAGE
From the album Version 2.0 the video was nominated for 13 MTV VMA’s

8. Come Back To What You Know – EMBRACE
Danny McNamara once told me that his family went on holiday in Withernsea and they loved it.

9. Sleep On The Left Side – CORNERSHOP
Cornershop weren’t as massive as they should have been. This reminds me of Mark and Lard.

10. I Gotta Move – FRANK BLACK AND THE CATHOLICS (Frank Black and the Catholics)
Frank Black, AKA Black Francis from the Pixies but really called Charles Thompson the Fourth and his backing band from the album “The Cult Of Ray”, it’s release was delayed for 18 months due to some problems with the record label

11. Too Close – NEXT
Have you read the lyrics? Pure filth!

German producer Mousse T’s first single. Hot N Juicy were from Birmingham

13. Do You Really Want Me? – ROBYN

14. Kelly Watch The Stars – AIR
Released on my 22nd birthday which I spent throwing up in the urinals of the gents in the Welly Club in Hull


1.Turn Back Time – AQUA
Was this the first time Aqua did something semi-serious? Certainly no shouty boyfriend.

2. Drinking In LA – BRAN VAN 3000
Canadians BV3 as they’re sometimes known. This was played a lot on Siren FM, the student radio station I helped run and was the first song I had a stand up row about in a radio studio when our breakfast show host refused to play it. Why? No idea. I didn’t listen.

3. Gone ‘Til November – WYCLEF JEAN
Watch the video for cameos from Destiny’s Child and Bob Dylan, and the time he met Tig Notaro who had no idea who he was.

4. Stranded – LUCRITIA McNEAL
Huge in Germany

5. Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth – DANDY WARHOLS (The Dandy Warhols Come Back)
Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Peter Holmstrom, Zia McCabe & Eric Hedford are The Dandy Warhols. They formed in Portland, Oregon in 1994. They have released 11 albums so far, The Dandy Warhols Come Down was the second and Eric Hedford left during the tour to promote it. 

6. Ice Hockey Hair – SUPER FURRY ANIMALS
From an EP that features 4 songs there wasn’t enough room for on the album Radiator.

7. The Boy Is Mine – BRANDY AND MONICA
The answer to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s duet.

8. Runaground – JAMES
The second single from James’ best of collection

9. Ray Of Light – MADONNA
From the days when Madonna could reinvent herself without Twitter piling on her.

10. The Bad Photographer – SAINT ETIENNE (Good Humour)
St Etienne is a town in France and also an indie-dance band from London. Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs met at school and Sarah Cracknell joined as a temporary singer but soon took the position as her own. They released 9 albums between 1991 and 2017, the 4th was Good Humour. 

11. Eat My Goal – COLLAPSED LUNG
Accidental Partridge! Another 90’s song that everyone loves 6 seconds of but aren’t familiar with the rest of it.

12. Under The Bridge – ALL SAINTS
Cover version of Red Hot Chili Peppers. One of the worst cover versions ever?

13. Teardrop – MASSIVE ATTACK
Elizabeth Fraser from The Cocteau Twins, but it was originally supposed to be Madonna.



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