7. Loop – “A Gilded Eternity”

SITUATION TWO - Charted at #38 on 28th January 1990 Why the hell haven't I heard this before? Obviously I didn't listen to enough John Peel when I was 13 because this is right up my street! 3rd and final album that topped the Indie Chart. Loop apparently brouhgt "Space Rock" back to the charts.... Continue Reading →

4. The Christians – “Colour”

ISLAND : Charted at #1 on 21st January 1990 A lot can happen between blog posts...especially when you're as lazy as I am. This was the first number 1 album of the 90's. I absolutely forgot that Henry Priestman was in the Christians I just remember the brothers. "Colour" isn't a classic but it's nice,... Continue Reading →

Proper 90’s

Remember the 90's? Because I don't! So I was 13 when the 90's started and 24 when they ended and so it's fair to say the 90's had the best years of my life. It annoys me when people harp on about how great the 80's were because everything was better and the music was... Continue Reading →

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