5. The Sundays – “Reading, Writing and Arithmatic”

ROUGH TRADE : Charted #4 on 21st January 1990 Oh, hello jingly indie guitar! Hey there 6th form common room tape machine. It’s Newman and Baddiel favourites, Bristol alumni, David Gavurin and girlfriend-wife & pre-Wener indie boy crush Harriet Wheeler…and others, “The Sundays”. Apparently, the “Reading” is a reference to Wheeler’s home town so I’veContinue reading “5. The Sundays – “Reading, Writing and Arithmatic””

4. The Christians – “Colour”

ISLAND : Charted at #1 on 21st January 1990 A lot can happen between blog posts…especially when you’re as lazy as I am. This was the first number 1 album of the 90’s. I absolutely forgot that Henry Priestman was in the Christians I just remember the brothers. “Colour” isn’t a classic but it’s nice,Continue reading “4. The Christians – “Colour””

3. The Moody Blues – “Greatest Hits”

POLYGRAM : Charted at #71 on 14th January 1990 Tried growing up in the 1990’s as this blog testifies to, but today I felt like I’ve really grown up as I put in an offer on a house! Back to the blog, I wondered whether or not to include greatest hits and re-releases because IContinue reading “3. The Moody Blues – “Greatest Hits””

2. Quincy Jones – “Back On The Block”

QWEST : Charted at 57 on January 14th So today is payday! Woo-hoo! Unfortunately my wife spent most of her adolescence watching “Sister Act” in her bedroom, and so when it was announced that Whoopi Goldberg would be taking to the West End stage reprising her role as Delores she simply HAD to have aContinue reading “2. Quincy Jones – “Back On The Block””

1. The Carpenters – “Lovelines”

A&M : Charted at 73 on January 7th 1990 I hate The Carpenters, I hate the way they sounded. I hate the syrupy production and although I can appreciate the stunning talent of Karen Carpenter had, I’m afraid I hated her voice. It bores me. This is their 13th album released in the US 6Continue reading “1. The Carpenters – “Lovelines””

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