131. Jason Donovan – “Between The Lines”

In 1990, when young Australians came to the UK, they didn’t head for the nearest pub in search of employment, they called Pete Waterman who would throw a few songs and a recording contract their way and chart domination followed. We used to wind my brother up by saying he looked like Jason Donovan. HeContinue reading “131. Jason Donovan – “Between The Lines””

15. The Mission – “Carved In Sand”

Mercury : Charted at #7 on 11th February 1990 The Mission are “goths’! But because by the time 1990 came around and I’d listened to The Sisters Of Mercy a few too many times, The Mission were ‘goth-pop’ & Wayne Hussey was the prick who had left the Sisters and fell about drunk on theContinue reading “15. The Mission – “Carved In Sand””

14. Leonard Bernstein – “Bernstein in Berlin : Beethoven Symphony No. 9”

DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHONE – charted at #54 on 4th February 1990 This was recorded at the Christmas Day concert in 1989 in Berlin celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall. Famous for West Side Story this was his last performance before retirement. He died just 5 days after announcing his retirement. Now I know nothing aboutContinue reading “14. Leonard Bernstein – “Bernstein in Berlin : Beethoven Symphony No. 9””

13. The Lightning Seeds – “CloudCuckooLand“

GHETTO – charted at #50 on 4th February 1990 Ian Broudie gets 20 automatically because he produced “I Am Kurious Oranj”. He was also in “Big In Japan” and “Original Mirrors”….but that was the 80’s!! In the 90’s he was a one man music project, The Lightning Seeds, and it feels like it’s a lessonContinue reading “13. The Lightning Seeds – “CloudCuckooLand“”

12. Inner City – “Paradise Remixed”

10 RECORDS – charted at #17 on 4th February 1990 Detroit House from a band that became legends in US dance music circles. They must have been small circles. Inner City have…what’s the nicest way to say it…a definite style! Paris Grey’s vocals sound as bored as I was after a couple of tracks. “GoodContinue reading “12. Inner City – “Paradise Remixed””

11. Fish – “Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors”

EMI – charted at #5 on 4th February 1990 It’s just after 6pm on VE 75 Day which means most of the UK are just one pint away from their social distancing driveway high teas becoming a massive national wedding reception. For some reason the local dogs have had a unified mad half hour…. …andContinue reading “11. Fish – “Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors””

10. Tanita Tikaram – “The Sweet Keeper”

EASTWEST – charted at #3 on February 4th 1990 “Ancient Heart” was my first cassette album. I got it with a Walkman for Christmas and so I listened to it over and over again. The smoky deep voice is there, the Argent/Van Hooke influence is there and the songs are nice enough, with lead singleContinue reading “10. Tanita Tikaram – “The Sweet Keeper””

9. The Quireboys – “A Bit Of What You Fancy”

PARLOPHONE – charted at #2 on February 4th 1990 They started life as “The Choirboys”, then for some reason, changed to “The Queerboys” before someone had a word and they became “The Quireboys”, ‘quire’ being the word for 4 pages of parchment…so they’re ‘The Old Paper Boys” This is their first album and the onlyContinue reading “9. The Quireboys – “A Bit Of What You Fancy””

8. The Jungle Brothers – “Done By The Forces Of Nature”

ETERNAL – charted at #41 on 28th January 1990 Another album I’m afraid to say I’ve never heard before, I’ve had a look around the internet at different reviews and profiles and the common thought seems to be that this is a great album BUT it’s doing too much and they missed the bus inContinue reading “8. The Jungle Brothers – “Done By The Forces Of Nature””

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