11. Fish – “Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors”

EMI – charted at #5 on 4th February 1990 It’s just after 6pm on VE 75 Day which means most of the UK are just one pint away from their social distancing driveway high teas becoming a massive national wedding reception. For some reason the local dogs have had a unified mad half hour…. …andContinue reading “11. Fish – “Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors””

1. The Carpenters – “Lovelines”

A&M : Charted at 73 on January 7th 1990 I hate The Carpenters, I hate the way they sounded. I hate the syrupy production and although I can appreciate the stunning talent of Karen Carpenter had, I’m afraid I hated her voice. It bores me. This is their 13th album released in the US 6Continue reading “1. The Carpenters – “Lovelines””

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